Light Node

The Light nodes ensure data availability. This is the most common way to interact with Sunrise networks.

Hardware requirements

The following hardware minimum requirements are recommended for running the Light node:

  • Memory: 500 GB RAM (minimum)

  • CPU: 2 cores

  • Disk: 50 GB SSD Storage

  • Bandwidth: 56 Kbps for Download/56 Kbps for Upload


The tutorial is done on Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS). Follow the environment tutorial

Run the Light node


git clone
cd sunrise-da
git checkout $TAG
make build
sudo make install


sunrise light init <NETWORK>


sunrise light init private

Run the Node

Start the light node with a connection to a validator node's gRPC endpoint (normally port :9090):

sunrise light start --core.ip <URI> <NETWORK>


sunrise light start --core.ip private

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