Validator Node

Validator nodes allow you to participate in consensus in the Gluon network. Gluon works on Sunrise's sovereign rollup.

Run the Node

First, follow the instructions on setting up a full node.


gluond tx staking create-validator [path/to/validator.json] \
    --chain-id=$CHAIN_ID \
    --from=$VALIDATOR_WALLET \
    --keyring-backend=test \
    --fees=21000uglu \
        "pubkey": {"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey","key":"oWg2ISpLF405Jcm2vXV+2v4fnjodh6aafuIdeoW+rUw="},
        "amount": "1000000uglu",
        "moniker": "myvalidator",
        "identity": "optional identity signature (ex. UPort or Keybase)",
        "website": "validator's (optional) website",
        "security": "validator's (optional) security contact email",
        "details": "validator's (optional) details",
        "commission-rate": "0.1",
        "commission-max-rate": "0.2",
        "commission-max-change-rate": "0.01",
        "min-self-delegation": "1"

Next, edit ~/.gluon/config/config.toml


There are certain files that you need to backup to be able to restore your validator if, for some reason, it is damaged or lost in some way. Please make a secure backup of the following files located in ~/.gluon/config/:

  • priv_validator_key.json

  • node_key.json

It is recommended that you encrypt the backup of these files.

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