The module x/swap serves the functionalities to swap tokens with the liquidity in x/liquiditypool module.


This module has these params

  • interface_fee_rate: Interface providers (e.g. frontend web-app provider) can receive a certain rate of the fee from the swap tx.


By sending tx with this msg, users can swap tokens with designating the amount for input.


By sending tx with this msg, users can swap tokens with designating the amount for output.


This module accepts a swap route with recursive struct.

message RoutePool {
  uint64 pool_id = 1;

message RouteSeries {
  repeated Route routes = 1 [
    (gogoproto.nullable)   = false,
    (amino.dont_omitempty) = true

message RouteParallel {
  repeated Route routes = 1 [
    (gogoproto.nullable)   = false,
    (amino.dont_omitempty) = true
  repeated string weights = 2 [
    (cosmos_proto.scalar)  = "cosmos.Dec",
    (gogoproto.customtype) = "cosmossdk.io/math.LegacyDec",
    (gogoproto.nullable)   = false,
    (amino.dont_omitempty) = true

message Route {
  string denom_in = 1;
  string denom_out = 2;
  oneof strategy {
    RoutePool pool = 3;
    RouteSeries series = 4;
    RouteParallel parallel = 5;

ICS20 Middleware

Swap functions also can be executed by ICS20 token transfer packet automatically.


JSON string of marshalled PacketMetadata should be inserted in the memo field of ICS20 transfer packet.

type PacketMetadata = {
  [namespace: string]: unknown;
  swap?: SwapMetadata;

type SwapMetadata = {
  interface_provider: string;
  route: Route;

  forward?: ForwardMetadata;
} & (
  | {
      exact_amount_in: {
        min_amount_out: string;
  | {
      exact_amount_out: {
        amount_out: string;
        change?: ForwardMetadata;

type ForwardMetadata = {
  receiver: string;
  port: string;
  channel: string;
  timeout: string;
  retries: number;
  next?: PacketMetadata;

ForwardMetadata is quoted from Packet Forward Middleware.

Sequence diagrams

Neither Return nor Forward


Change and Forward

If the exact output amount is designated for the swap, the remainder input amount will occur. There is a function to automatically refund the remainder input amount.

Receiver address

After the swapping has been executed, the acknowledgement of "Transfer token X" will be always success even if the next change / forward packet failed. The swapped funds are preserved in the balance of the receiver address.

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