Validator Node (Genesis)

Validator nodes allow you to participate in consensus in the Sunrise network.

You can only join as a validator in this way before the network starts(genesis). If the network has already started, please see this tutorial.

Hardware requirements

The following hardware minimum requirements are recommended for running the validator node:

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM (minimum)

  • CPU: 6 cores

  • Disk: 500 GB SSD Storage

  • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps for Download/1 Gbps for Upload

Run the Node

First, follow the instructions on setting up a full consensus node.

Optional: Reset working directory

If you have already initialized a working directory for sunrised in the past, you must clean up before reinitialized a new directory. You can do so by running the following command:

sunrised tendermint unsafe-reset-all

Initialize a working directory

Run the following command:

sunrised init "$MONIKER" --chain-id $CHAIN_ID

Create a new key

sunrised keys add $VALIDATOR_WALLET --keyring-backend test

Create the genesis transaction for new chain

sunrised genesis gentx $VALIDATOR_WALLET $STAKING_AMOUNT --chain-id $CHAIN_ID \
   --pubkey=$(sunrised tendermint show-validator) \
   --moniker=$MONIKER \
   --commission-rate=0.1 \
   --commission-max-rate=0.2 \
   --commission-max-change-rate=0.01 \
   --min-self-delegation=1 \
   --keyring-backend test

You will find the generated gentx JSON file inside $HOME/.sunrised/config/gentx/gentx-*.json

Create Pull Request to register your gentx

To register your gentx, run the commands as follows and create a pull-request on GitHub.

 mv $HOME/.sunrised/config/gentx/gentx-*.json $HOME/.sunrised/config/gentx/gentx-${MONIKER}.json 
 git clone
 cd public-testnet
 git checkout -b gentx/$MONIKER
 cp $HOME/.sunrised/config/gentx/gentx-${MONIKER}.json gentx/sunrise-testnet-1
 git add gentx/sunrise-testnet-1
 git commit -m "Add gentx: $MONIKER"
 git push origin $(git branch --show-current)

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