How to use wasm CLI

First of all, install ununifid to use wasm CLI and Rust. To learn how to install ununifid, see here

There are two ways of using wasm CLI.

ununifid tx wasm --help
ununifid query wasm --help

Compiling and Testing a Contract

Quoted from CosmWasm Documentation

# Download the repository
git clone https://github.com/CosmWasm/cw-plus
cd cw-plus
git checkout main
cd contracts/cw20-ics20

# compile the wasm contract with stable toolchain
rustup default stable
cargo wasm

Unit Tests

Quoted from CosmWasm Documentation

RUST_BACKTRACE=1 cargo unit-test

Build with Optimizer

Quoted from CosmWasm Documentation

docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/code \
  --mount type=volume,source="$(basename "$(pwd)")_cache",target=/code/target \
  --mount type=volume,source=registry_cache,target=/usr/local/cargo/registry \

Deployment and Interaction

Quoted from CosmWasm Documentation

To deploy your wasm smart contract that you built, use ununifid tx wasm store commands.

ununifid tx wasm store --help

Converse to Solidity smart contracts, CosmWasm has two stages to activate smart contracts. That are deploy and instantiate. So after you deployed your wasm smart contract, use ununifid tx wasm instantiate commands.

ununifid tx wasm instantiate --help

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