Bridge Node

The Bridge nodes connect the data availability layer and the consensus layer.

Hardware requirements

The following hardware minimum requirements are recommended for running the bridge node:

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM (minimum)

  • CPU: 6 cores

  • Disk: 10 TB SSD Storage

  • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps for Download/1 Gbps for Upload


The tutorial is done on Ubuntu 22.04 (LTS). Follow the environment tutorial

Run the bridge node


git clone
cd sunrise-da
git checkout $TAG
make build
sudo make install


sunrise bridge init --core.ip <URI> <NETWORK>

The --core.ip gRPC port defaults to 9090. You can add the port after the IP address or use the --core.grpc.port flag to specify another port. Refer to the Resource page for information on which ports are required to be open.


sunrise bridge init --core.ip private

Run the Node

Start the bridge node with a connection to a validator node's gRPC endpoint (normally port :9090):

sunrise bridge start --core.ip <URI> <NETWORK>


sunrise bridge start --core.ip private

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