As we described before, we integrate some unique features in Sunrise as a DA layer. One of them is Sovereign Proof of Liquidity (SPoL).

Key Value: Mutual Increase in Security and Liquidity

In general, crypto-asset projects must reward the participants of the community who do the following:

  • Participating in the governance

  • Providing liquidity

It is difficult to reward these participants at the same time with conventional methods. SPoL is a mechanism that can reward both participants at the same time.

By using the SPoL mechanism, Sovereign rollup can utilize the LST of the LP token LST-LP-XXX/RISE for its supplementary staking asset.

In this mechanism, the participants can stake the LST of the LP token LST-LP-XXX/RISE to the Sovereign rollup XXX. Sovereign rollup projects can reward the stakers of the LST of LP token LST-LP-XXX/RISE to enhance the economic security and make the liquidity of their token.

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